4 Ways on How You Can Carry Out Your Keto Diet

With testimonies of well-known personalities, getting a fit and beautiful physique through the ketogenic diet has become as popular as the celebrities endorsing it. Indeed, countless men and women the world over are into this high-fat and low-low carbs diet.

By limiting the intake of carbs and increasing fats in the diet, the body goes through a state called ketosis. When ketosis occurs, the body is more efficient in using up fats for energy. Lipids in the liver are converted to ketones, which are primarily for brain energy.

The keto diet has been extensively studied and was proven not only as a magnificent way of burning fats for weight loss but also has other health benefits to the body. Its efficiency in weight loss has been shown to be 2.2 times better than in calorie-restricted low-fat diet.

There is no specific diet or menu that you will follow when starting your keto diet. Instead, you can go to websites and look for diet plans that will suit you. As a guide, here are options that you may take when you are finally decided to go into a keto diet.

Standard Ketogenic Diet

dietThis is the most researched of all the methods of the ketogenic diet. Generally, your diet will contain 75% keto fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbs.

Before you begin with your diet, you must know the ideal fats that you should take in. The list includes fish fat, avocado, nuts, olive oil, coconut butter, and grass-fed beef tallow oil, among others. Saturated fats, such as those from processed food, should never find their way on your diet.

High-Protein Ketogenic Diet

This method is a modified version of the standard ketogenic diet. Once you choose this diet, your diet’s protein content is increased to 35%, while your fat intake will be lowered at 60%. Carbs will complete the diet with 5%. This keto diet is preferred by those with more sources of protein than fats.

Targeted Ketogenic Diet

This version is being popularized by gym enthusiasts wherein the diet includes more carbs around workouts. The effects of this keto diet have not been well-studied, unlike the standard and high-protein keto diets.

saladCyclical Ketogenic Diet

This is like the targeted ketogenic diet wherein there are days in the week when you can take more carbs. You can design it like 2-days high-carb and 5-days low-carb. Like the targeted ketogenic diet, this type of ketogenic is not yet well studied if it gives the same efficiency as the standard and high-protein keto diet.