4 Ways on How You Can Carry Out Your Keto Diet

With testimonies of well-known personalities, getting a fit and beautiful physique through the ketogenic diet has become as popular as the celebrities endorsing it. Indeed, countless men and women the world over are into this high-fat and low-low carbs diet.

By limiting the intake of carbs and increasing fats in the diet, the body goes through a state called ketosis. When ketosis occurs, the body is more efficient in using up fats for energy. Lipids in the liver are converted to ketones, which are primarily for brain energy.

The keto diet has been extensively studied and was proven not only as a magnificent way of burning fats for weight loss but also has other health benefits to the body. Its efficiency in weight loss has been shown to be 2.2 times better than in calorie-restricted low-fat diet.

There is no specific diet or menu that you will follow when starting your keto diet. Instead, you can go to websites and look for diet plans that will suit you. As a guide, here are options that you may take when you are finally decided to go into a keto diet.

Standard Ketogenic Diet

dietThis is the most researched of all the methods of the ketogenic diet. Generally, your diet will contain 75% keto fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbs.

Before you begin with your diet, you must know the ideal fats that you should take in. The list includes fish fat, avocado, nuts, olive oil, coconut butter, and grass-fed beef tallow oil, among others. Saturated fats, such as those from processed food, should never find their way on your diet.

High-Protein Ketogenic Diet

This method is a modified version of the standard ketogenic diet. Once you choose this diet, your diet’s protein content is increased to 35%, while your fat intake will be lowered at 60%. Carbs will complete the diet with 5%. This keto diet is preferred by those with more sources of protein than fats.

Targeted Ketogenic Diet

This version is being popularized by gym enthusiasts wherein the diet includes more carbs around workouts. The effects of this keto diet have not been well-studied, unlike the standard and high-protein keto diets.

saladCyclical Ketogenic Diet

This is like the targeted ketogenic diet wherein there are days in the week when you can take more carbs. You can design it like 2-days high-carb and 5-days low-carb. Like the targeted ketogenic diet, this type of ketogenic is not yet well studied if it gives the same efficiency as the standard and high-protein keto diet.


Cooking methods for healthier life

If you feel unfit lately, and quickly to get sleepy, please remember again what meals you have had. Physical and psychological performance relies on what you put in your stomach.

Fast food and sugary food

Fast food damages your body and slows your brain over-time. The nutrition in fast food is deficient but is very high in salt. Burgers with grilled patty and cheese may have tomatoes and sliced salad in them, but it is not enough since the food is also high in saturated fats. A high-sodium diet is bad for blood circulation and can lead to hypertension and heart attack.

Sugary foods increase the chance for you to suffer from diabetes. Sugar contains a lot of calories, and you can get sugar in your beverages as well as in your doughnut. Combining both at the same time is like having a calory bomb to your body. Sugar also increases the production of blood fat (triglycerides). Having too much sugar is as unhealthy as eating salty foods.

Microwaving your food

Cooking with microwave, as long as the food is not too salty or sweet, is healthier than cooking by frying. You can cook almost anything with microwave. It heats things without fire and does not require excessive oil or water that may ruin the nutrition of the food.

However, only expensive microwave that can cook a big chunk of turkey well at once. The standard microwave often has issues with uneven heat distribution. Some parts of your meal may be not well-cooked while the others already get burnt.

Your veggies or meats can get too dry also. You can overcome this problem by sprinkling enough water to your meal before you cook them in the microwave.


Boiling your food



Boiling foods might only work for limited selections of a menu. Soup is what we usually have by boiling. Only beef goes very well with boiling, for example, beef stew.

Although boiling is healthy, too frequently eating boiled foods can make you feel nauseous. It is simply because boiled foods mostly taste plain.



Grilling and Smoking



Barbequing, grilling, and smoking used to be only for a social gathering in the backyard, and their designs seem to only allow for outside use. Now, the skewers, electric smokers, and barbeque grill come in space-saving size. Well done grilled veggies and meats are much better than their fried version. The foods still taste delicious, but without needing to use too much oil, like if you cook by deep-frying.



dumplingSteaming is another solution for a healthier lifestyle. But like boiling, steamed foods are not stimulating our taste buds as the garbage foods do. Dumpling, steamed bun, wonton are okay to eat occasionally, like twice a week. But for the rest of the days, diversify your foods by cooking them differently.

Health benefits of taking balanced diet

Taking a balanced diet is necessary for one to achieve most health and fitness goals such as muscle building, weight loss and even improve athletic performance. A balanced diet includes taking meals that have vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients for nourishing the body in the recommended proportions. There are numerous health benefits of taking balanced diet as discussed in this article.

Health benefits of taking balanced diet

1. Controlling body weight

garden asparagusUnbalanced diet causes people to gain weight since they take more of calories rich food such as processed and sugary foods. This makes the body to store the excess calories which contribute to weight gain. One should consider taking carbohydrates which have a low glycemic index such as whole wheat products, vegetables, and fruits. Such foods make one feel fuller for longer which eliminates cravings caused by taking sugary foods. The above carbohydrates can be complemented with lean proteins which make sure the metabolism is elevated for longer periods of time which prevents one from feeling hungry for long.

2. Keeping off diseases

Eating a balanced diet will help the body get the nutrients necessary for boosting the immune system while also improving the vascular functions. The body’s immunity relies on the flow of blood. Deficiency of vitamins such as A, B, C and E causes impairment of the immunity. A diet rich in fruits and veggies helps in boosting the immune system. One should also ensure they eat the fatty acids since they help manage the body’s reaction to infections to ensure that the body is not damaged as a result of overreaction. A balanced diet will also play a major role in limiting the excess body fats which can cause stress on the cardiovascular system which could cause pressure and other related problems.

3. Provision of energy

We need energy for our bodies to function properly. Foods rich in nutrients will be digested and released into the system over a long period. On the contrary, sugary foods are digested quickly and are also released quickly in a short period making one feel hungry quickly. To be on the best side, one should ensure that they have maintained energy levels in the body throughout the day. Proteins play a major role here since they make one feel fuller for long which prevents unnecessary consumption of snacks. Iron-rich foods boost energy levels since they ensure maximum oxygen delivery to all the working muscles.

4. Better sleep

Sleep is necessary to help our bodies recover from the day’s activities. Sleep also makes the brain rejuvenated. Poor eating habits are known to cause a buildup of toxins which are released into the bloodstream making it difficult to sleep. Eating a balanced diet will also ensure that one does not overeat making it uncomfortable to sleep. Meals should be taken at least two hours before

5. Increased brain power

Eating a balanced diet will keep the brain healthy, and it will function better. Eating food that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids improve the memory function and increased the ability to learn. One should also increase their intake of food such as avocados, salmon, and walnuts.